Is Jay-Z GAY?!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Leave a Comment

November 06, 2009. just got its hands on an EXPLOSIVE interview, posted on the web with Jay Z’s former friend - Brooklyn rapper Jaz O. Jaz O and Jay Z were friends at the start of Jigga's career, even going so far as to record a song together - Hawaiian Sophie.
But Jaz O has since fallen out with Jay Z - claiming that Jay wasn't loyal to him. So now Jaz O is coming out and talking openly about what he claims are "illuminati ties" to Jay Z.
In the below video, Jay's former friend goes on and on in a long ramble - and then he makes an OUTRAGEOUS claim - that Jay Z is a part of some kind of GAY SECRET SOCIETY.
The interviewer asked Jay Z's former friend about whether he believed that Jigga was involved in a secret society. Jaz O responded:

The secret society with Jay Z . . . he's involved . . . but he's involved with this sh*t [sticks his finger in and out of his hand in the universal hand sign for f*cking] . . . he's involved in that play sh*t”Jaz O then goes of on a bizarre rant about the Illuminati. But he ends it with the following, "The people that [Jay Z's] worshiping, that he's kissing their ass and letting them feel him up, they don't know sh*t.”This sounds pretty crazy to us, but who knows in music industry.
[Pesonally i do not believe anything in this story.. jst some hatin goin on..but you might..whatever.]

~Jamez Lo


  • Christopher London said:  

    Do you recall a time when “great art” questioned the foundation or direction of our culture, the course of humanity, the nature of people and their values, the call for a higher purpose? “Can you IMAGINE? It’s easy if you try.” The lyrics of artists like Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna are barren and completely devoid of meaning and utterly soul less in their relative insignificance. The Hip Hop Movement in America was hijacked by thugs posing as artists more consumed with gaining control of the music industry diluting the strength of the voices of empowerment, equality and dignity and churning out distraction for the delusional masses. Jay Z is simply the Black Madonna and Beyonce is a convenient BEARD who is getting more rich off her business alliance with Jay Z. Jay Z & Beyonce are the black answer to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, only Jay did not jump up and down on Oprah’s couch.